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PASGT system combat vest (manufactured by Gibraltar Industries)

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Weight: 9lbs or 4kg
Ballistic coverage: back and front of the upper torso, and abdominal region
NIJ level: II (2) (multiple rounds of 124grain 9x19 ball/FMJ)
Designed: 1975
Used: mid-1980´s to late 2005
Accessory(s): ISAPO plate carrier
Variant(s): U.S. Navy Flak Jacket Mk 1, Mod 0
Cost per unit: $350 USD

Technical Description:
The PASGT combat vest is apart of the PASGT system or Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops that consisted of a vest and a Kevlar helmet. The PASGT combat vest consists of a replaceable outer cover and a Kevlar insert. The insert is made of 13 layers of 14oz. aramid fiber sheets(Kevlar #29). The cover is made of thick nylon and is available in U.S. woodland/M81/BDU, six color DBDU, tri-color DBDU/DCU, and a small number where produced in flat olive drab.

The PASGT system was started after the previous M-69 flack vest and M1 helmet failed to provide adequate protection during the US's involvement in Vietnam. During the US-Vietnam war the M-69's shortcomings came to light, it trapped heat and sweat in, limited a fighters range of movement, was rather bulky, and only protected its user against smaller projectiles produced by fragmentation. Used from the mid 90's the PASGT combat vest was officially phased out of frontline use in early 2003, US personnel continue to use PASGT combat vests as make shift armor for vehicle crews when non is provided, additionally it is one of the many vests still used on US naval vessels.

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