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PS-930 Ranger Body Armor (RBA)

Змінити інформацію Інші версії
-8lbs./3.6kg (soft insert)
-25.1lbs./11.4kg (SAPI plates)
Ballistic coverage:
-soft armor: upper torso and sides
-hard plate: lungs and heart (front and back on ver.2)
NIJ level:
-soft armor: IIIA (3A) (multiple 240grain .44 mag)
-hard armor: III (3) (multiple 166grain 7.62x51 FMJ/ball)
Designed: late 1980's
Used: 1993 to early 2000's
Accessory(s): none
Variant(s): Early Model (front plate only)
Cost per unit: $738 USD

Technical Description:
The Ranger Body Armor vest or RBA is a dual insert armor vest that consists of two different types of armor. The RBA vest is made up of three parts, cover, soft insert, and ceramic hard plate(s). The soft armor insert or panel(KM2 type Kevlar) is placed inside the nylon cover and provides protection from plus P handgun ammunition (NIJ IIIA/3A) and shrapnel. The ceramic hard plate or SAPI plate is made of 2-inch by 2-inch aluminum oxide ceramic tiles. The SAPI plates present in the RBA are rated to NIJ level III (3) meaning they will stop most all FMJ or ball rifle rounds like 5.56, 5.45, 7.62x39, and .308/7.62x51. These hard plates are inserted into purpose build pouches on the front and back of the cover, covering the user's heart and lungs from head-on front and rear attacks. because of the rather small intended scope of operation, the cover only comes in U.S. woodland M81 camouflage.

The RBA vest is specifically designed for the unique situation and requirements created by the 75th US ranger regiment or ¨Rangers¨ during the 1990s. the Ranger Body Armor first saw in operation gothic serpent when Task Force Ranger first arrived in Mogadishu, Somalia. The first model of RBA vest had only a front-mounted plate this was changed after multiple casualties resulted in the lack of rear protection. One of the more high-profile incidents was that of SGT James Joyce who was shot in the back by a Somali militiaman during operation gothic serpent in Mogadishu. The battle of Mogadishu is most known through the American film ´Black Hawk Down´.

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